Thursday, December 16, 2010

May 24 Cincinnati NBG Day Firing Up!! Micro Schedule Here!!

The below is excerpted from our 2011 Mayors' Ride schedule. As such, we will be at Reser Bicycle with the 15-person Busycle on  Tuesday May 24. Note also that we have logo placed Queen City Bike, a cutting edge bicycle activist organization that is moving lots of energy out Cincinnati way. And  we look forward to getting the powerful Cincinnati Cycle Club involved again (there were scores of them in the picture you see below at Cincinnati City Hall during one of our campaigns)!!

This is going to be a w e s o m e !!

In addition, our 2011 micro schedule is now here. Bookmark
 THX 4 all of U!!

2011 San Jose to Washington, DC Mayors' Ride Schedule

San Jose  Fri, 4/8
Palo Alto  Fri, 4/8
San Francisco Sat, 4/9
Oakland Sun, 4/10
Berkeley Sun, 4/10
Napa Sun, 4/10
Davis Mon, 4/11
Sacramento Tue, 4/12
Rancho Cordova Tue, 4/12
Folsom Tue 4/12
Carson Sat, 4/16
Reno Sat, 4/16
Salt Lake Mon, 4/25
Boulder Th, 5/5
Denver Th, 5/5
Omaha Fri, 5/13
Des Moines Sun, 5/15
Chicago Fri, 5/20
Indianapolis Sun, 5/22
Cincinnati Tu, 5/24
Columbus Th, 5/26
Pittsburgh Sun, 5/29
Washington DC Sun, 6/5 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2011 SF to DC Honor Roll Logo Art Arrives & ..

We just received the graphic we will be running on our bus for those individuals who are supporting our ride with a donation. The list that follows it will be regularly updated: 

Virginia Krieg | Jim Spillane | John E Cabrera | Frank Flynn | Gerry Gras | Dana St James | John Oleary | Ron Bishop | Cathy & Wayne Douglass | David Erskine | John Dohner | Lori Yung | Don Looomis | Grey Lowell | Shawn Raymond | Don Armstrong | David Bajot | Rob Benson | Kitsten Flynn | Jim Thompson | Matt Criste | John Hartin | Manny Garcia | John & Elma Krieg

We also approved the blue line for the final "How America Can Bike and Grow Rich" cover!

            THX 4 all of U!! 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cincinnati's Giants to Receive NBG & Busycle with their Firepower

Cincinnati promises to be the new hot spot in bicycle activism as our San Jose to Washington, DC, 9th annual National Mayors' Ride will soon be showing the Nation. For starters, the  voice of Cincinnati, Rob Currans, will do what he can to help us once again connect with one of his good friends, Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory.

And since Rob is switching careers, he thinks he can help us connect with some of his new  friends, in, of all places, the bicycle industry where he is now a manufacturer's rep!! Long a high level cyclist, he yearly cycles from the Ohio River to the Great Lakes at an average speed of just under 20 mph, Rob will be using his skills as a composer in a whole new way. 

A man who has scored a number of films and done the  voice overs for countless well know national and regional commercials, with the shrinking economy, he is winding down a business that has been a decades long success in Cincinnati. Along the way, as he brought sales and an upleveled image to countless marketing concerns in the region, he rubbed elbows with innumerable shakers and movers. It will be this good will that will be sure to help him get his changed set of needs met. As he says good bye to the last of his employees, he is ramping up to bring to the cycling community what once was prized by the regional business community. 

It was the passion and  creativity that he translated into fun with his voice over skills that he now looks forward to bringing to the bicycle industry. Toward that end, as he  helps them buy something that has always filled a lot of his waking moments - bicycle goods, he also has another service he may offer them. If he can make it cost effective, he has designed a brilliant  phone call hold message service that he'd like to see bike shops take advantage of.

To hear a true master at work, click on the cartoon above to listen to to the character he long has entertained the Ohio metro with. 

The man Rob will be helping Cincinnati celebrate the Busycle  and our National Bicycle Greenway with in June is another man who lives his passion. From a very young age, Reser Bicycle Outfitters owner, Jason Reser has been consumed with bicycles. The former Ohio and Kentucky state mountain biking champion, Jason has always been a huge voice  in local bicycle advocacy.  So much so that he has been one of the main driving forces behind  Queen City Bike (QCB), a nonprofit bicycle advocacy organization that is building a huge fireball of support in his region.  

An organization committed to making the city Sir Winston Churchill called "America's most beautiful inland city", a fully bike friendly one, Jason wants QCB to rally their exploding membership together to receive us and the Busycle when we come through next June.  He even wants them to start doing fund raisers soon so they can host our Busycle demonstration rides in the highest of style. 

Go Cincinnati!!

While Cincy is already to starting to build the buzz for our arrival, and I haven't even talked about the booksinging events we foresee, other sponsors are getting in the  queue for the Busycle demonstration rides we will soon be making available for their cities.  Already we have opened negotiations in Napa, Oakland, Des Moines and Chicago..

         THX 4 all of U!! 

btw: Look soon for a Mayors' Ride schedule that is tentatively set to end in Washington DC  if we can satisfactorily firm up what we need from that changed endpoint....

btw2: In case you missed it, HERE is our 2011 Blog where this and all of this season's past news can be found.