Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wedding Bells for NBG Martin & Virginia

Virginia and I used the slow time of the holidays to show our commitment to one another and the world with a  wedding ceremony. Fortunately for us the honeymoon that followed occurred in nearby Spain, where there was sun. We escaped an Ireland that was paralyzed by a freak cold snap from Shannon, the only airport in the Irish nation or England that was in service at the time. 

Besides running "How America Can Bike and Grow Rich"  through a final editing pass, on the iPhone no less, I got to spend quality time with a woman who transcends the normal on countless levels. Toward that end, for example, as Virginia helped me with our  upcoming ride and helped me power through getting my book completed, we got word while we were away that she scored an 'A' on the complicated and demanding  optical exam she had just taken  at a Cambridge based university. Indeed great things are ahead of us, my  books, our ride and the NBG.  Big power. Big excitement.

THX for all of U and especially those who have sent their good wishes!!